What we stand for

Peace & Nonviolence
Simple Living

Living Peace Church of the Brethren affirms the core values of peace and nonviolence, simple living, and community that form the foundation of the Church of the Brethren as a denomination. We, the people of Living Peace Church, believe that prayerful discernment in the Holy Spirit leads up to a better understand of God’s Word and God’s Message to us in our daily living. We want everyone to live a life of plenty – full of peace, compassion, and love brought by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

How do you fit in?

If peace, nonviolence, and simple living is something that resonates with you – we encourage you to join us! We earnestly need you to help us hear God more fully. Bring your gifts and talents and gather with us at God’s Table, and share with us in abundant living. Living Peace Church of the Brethren does not and will not discriminate for any reason against any person who earnestly desires to be part of the life of our community.

Tree with varying colors of the rainbow displaying the words: Simply, Peacefully, and Together.